Wynk's Beverages, Ranked
Guide by Scott Hadinger
Mar 14, 2022 · 3 min read

As flavorful as they are effective, Wynk's drinks will show you the way to a laid-back day.

It’s Wynk’s mission to be your new go-to when it comes time to unwind, and with such stellar scores from the PCC, they may have won us over. And it doesn’t matter if you’re chilling at the pool, hitting a party or picnic, or just taking a personal day, these balanced beverages will provide the perfect pick-me-up to elevate any day.

The 1:1 ratio of 2.5mg of THC to CBD offers a light & calming high that allows you to let go without losing control, making it just as great for the cannacurious as it is for those who have been around the block. And beyond the curated cannabinoid profile found in every can, the flavors are top notch, and each effervescent sip will lift you up long before the effects settle in. So stock up and get sipping, you won't regret it.

Quoted: “This would be great to keep around for any festivities or your friends that are just getting into weed. The flavor is great, with hints of mango and herb, and the subtle high would pair well with any activity.”

Pros: This delightful drink is sure to turn your day around. The light, head-to-toe high from the balanced cannabinoids and the equally balanced flavors of this bubbly beverage will make any bad day a bit brighter, or a good day that much better. Just sip away as the sweet flavors and subtle high help lift you above the fray.

Cons: Search as you might, you’ll find few if any issues with any of Wynk's infused beverages.

Quoted: "Lounging around the house after a super hectic week. Even with this being a mild microdose, it’s very nice and noticeable. I could definitely see myself on a float in a pool with this in hand, saying later to the haters."

Pros: If you’re a fan of anything cherry flavored, you’re going to dig this. Though you don’t have to be to quickly find yourself loving this sweet sipper with a slight edge. It would pair perfectly with some barbecue, so be sure to stock the cooler for any upcoming sunny day soirées to quench your thirst and quiet your mind.

Cons: None to note, just don't expect to be stoned to the bone.

Quoted: "Just absolutely loving this brand and their microdose drinks. I could literally drink one every morning. And this lime and herbal option would make a great mocktail for any social hang, day or night!"

Pros: As full of zest as you're sure to be from your very first sip, this category winner should be worked into every meal from breakfast to dinner. The bright flavor translates to intermittent bursts of energetic euphoria, and an interminable good mood. So keep this stocked to add a marijuana kick to your margaritas, or take it down solo & go with the flow.

Cons: Not a single one. 

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