Your Guide To Camping With Cannabis
Guide by Kate Ryan
May 28, 2019 · 4 min read

Whether you’re the type to be one with nature or need a little something to survive all the nature, weed has your back.

In my humble opinion, camping without weed seems like a missed opportunity. Colors are brighter, camp-stove meals taste better, stargazing gets trippier, and sleeping on twigs is a lot easier when cannabis is involved. That said, not all products are created equal. I’ve certainly spent whole nights thinking every sound was a bear casually swinging by to murder me thanks to bad weed.

Luckily, the Proper Cannabis Committee has smoked, vaped, and eaten their way through tens of thousands of hours of product testing so you don’t have to. In the process, they’ve discovered some phenomenal cannabis for outdoor overnights, day hikes, backpacking adventures, and laidback campfire hangs. Just be aware that national parks—including fun ones like Yellowstone, Yosemite, and Joshua Tree—are federally regulated, which means lighting up in front of a park ranger is probably not the best idea. Stay safe, campers. 

All of these products are available in California, and if you’re in San Francisco, you can get all of them delivered to your door via Parcel.

Lucky 420’s Hybrid pre-rolls may look like traditional, tobacco-filled cigarettes, but they contain nothing but premium herb. You can expect the light, happy head high and relaxed body buzz to enhance a long fireside chat. As one rater put it, “Stargazing and stretching feel wonderful with this pre-roll in attendance.” Just be careful not to start a forest fire. Order here.

Island’s Mango Haze PAX Era Pod delivers a full-body buzz that’ll help you power through a hike and then recover once that hike is over. Raters say the vapor tastes like a virgin margarita and that it packs a little burst of creativity before ultimately unwinding into a floaty comedown. This is the pen to have within reach at all times. Order here.

Sunday Goods’ Delight vape pen has a lemon meringue flavor and a calming high. In terms of energy levels, this pen could either lull you into sleep or boost your mood depending on how you’re already feeling. As an added benefit, it’s newbie-friendly and nearly impossible to overdo. Sore backs and achy joints could certainly benefit from a few hits as well. Order here.

If you’re looking for flower that’ll echo your natural surroundings without leaving you full-blown stoned, look no further than OLD PAL's Lemon Sugar Kush. This outdoor-grown flower carries earthy flavors of pine and citrus, delivering a euphoric high that’d pair well with a night of stargazing. The soft, sleepy comedown should make that sleeping bag look more appealing, too. Order here.

Alternatively, Aster Farms' Maui OG flower has a similar herbal flavor and earthy aroma but a more energetic high that's equal parts comfortable and happy. When timed right, this flower has a productive side that could enhance a nature walk or dip in a lake. The bouncy body high further enhances your outdoorsy activity of choice. Order here.

LEUNE’s Desert Gold all-in-one vape pen has a peachy flavor and a light, uplifting flavor that makes it a true crowd pleaser. Similarly to the Delight pen, it’s the kind of vape I know I can bring to a campout and pass around without worrying it’ll bowl over any lightweights. It’s a solid daytime high that won’t drag you down as it fades from your consciousness. 

For those moments when you’re far from civilization and out of caffeine, Kiva’s Espresso Bean Terra Bites can be lifesavers. The combination of 5mg of THC and one chocolate-covered espresso bean makes for a balanced, energetic high. One rater equated these beans to 5-hour Energy shots—if 5-hour Energy actually tasted good and made you happy. Order here.

Brite Labs’ Chem Dawg PAX Era Pod is as uplifting as they come. A couple hits are all it takes to feel pleasantly upbeat and ready for whatever your trip may throw your way. When bug bites, rain, and finicky kerosene tanks threaten to derail your adventure, the confident head high should leave you feeling too stoked on life to care. Order here.

Pure Beauty’s Sour Jack flower is a cross between Sour Diesel and Jack Herer, two popular sativa strains. This combo makes for a focused, uplifting high that’ll take active mornings to the next level. This quote from a rating session says it all: “Feeling alert, energetic, and hyper-focused. Would love to smoke this before a hike as it'd keep me going while having fun.” Order here.

You reserved that coveted spot by the lake in advance and now you can do the same with weed. Order ahead of time via Parcel.

Photos by Siera Shrout.

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