Camino "Balance" Yuzu Lemon Gummies - 5mg THC: 5mg CBD



Product Details

5mg THC, 5mg CBD
Lemon, Tart, Citrus
Serving Size
1 gummy
Tapioca syrup, sugar, gelatin, yuzu flavor WONF, malic acid, citric acid, cannabis extract, fruit and vegetable juice for color, corn starch, coconut oil, carnauba wax, terpenes
Nutrition Facts
Total Fat0g
Total Carbohydrates2g

Product Description

Dip your feet into the slow current of a cool river with Kiva’s Yuzu Lemon Camino gummies. Let its harmonizing blend of THC and CBD, sativa and indica-like terpenes, and sweet, subtly tart notes of citrus balance you from the inside out.

Effects Profile

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Expert Review

Kiva’s Camino Yuzu Lemon Is A Celebration Of Citrus

Review by Kelly Graham

Jan 19, 2021 · 4 min read

For a smooth and steady ride, keep Camino’s Yuzu Lemon Gummies by your side.

IN REVIEW: If you're looking for a high that sparks creativity while also leaving you feeling extra chill, these gummies deliver. The balanced euphoria you seek is wrapped in one zesty little package, and whether you’re tie-dying a trippy tee or chowing down on Chinese food with friends, their 1:1 ratio makes you feel right at home—so grab a pack, sit back and enjoy the journey.

The time had finally come to use my impulse-bought-tie-dye-kit. Early on in quarantine, I scooped up a pack of multi-colored dye, thinking that it would undoubtedly come in handy as a cure for my inevitable boredom. It had been sitting under my kitchen sink, waiting for the perfect moment—and that moment had finally arrived.

Some friends and I were getting together for the first time in months, so it felt appropriate to do something a little out of the ordinary to commemorate the moment. On the way out the door, I grabbed some old white tees, my trusty tie-dye kit and some of Kiva’s Camino Yuzu Lemon Gummies.

About Camino by Kiva

Camino is the leading gummy brand of Kiva, a cannabis edibles company that specializes in crafting high-quality products people can’t get enough of. With Camino (“road” in Spanish), Kiva offers mood-enhancing gummies that transport users to a unique "California State of Mind," as each tin is inspired by a specific stop along the historic highway, El Camino Real, which extends 600 miles up the California Coast. So grab a tin, dig in, and make your own adventure with these microdosable masterpieces.