Juicy Melon 1:1 Premium THC:CBD Pod - 1g



Product Details

44.24% THC, 30.8% CBD
Watermelon, Sweet, Vanilla, Honey

Product Description

Our premium quality concentrates combine high level THC / CBD with bold flavors in a discreet and portable package. These classic pods offer consistent levels of potency and purity. STIIIZY sets the industry standard, influencing and inspiring through innovative methods. JUICY MELON TASTE: Sweet, Honey, Melon, Vanilla FEELING: Refreshing, Relaxing, Calm DESCRIPTION: A 1:1 pod that offers an equal ratio of CBD and THC infused with fresh Juicy Melon flavor.

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Expert Review

Stiiizy's SFV OG and Juicy Melon Pods Offer Relaxing Relief

Review by Luca Belloiu

May 20, 2020 · 4 min read

Stay mindful with these pods perfect for a socially-distanced stroll

IN REVIEW: While Stiiizy could fix a persistent battery issue, these vapes are incredibly relaxing. They thankfully rise above that tech glitch with a high that brings about a sense of calm curiosity. The OG Pod is the heavy hitter that puts you down, and Juicy Melon is there to pick you back up. This tandem will ensure that you won’t get much done, but sometimes that’s OK.

STIIIZY's SFV OG pod (89.84% THC) is a distillate that delivers a consistent, middle-range buzz. This vape oil acted as a sort of inner compass during a morning spent exploring various side streets in my neighborhood. I'd originally planned on remaining couch-bound and catching up on some TV, but once I started vaping this strain I realized I'd done enough lounging around and it was time to see what the outdoors had in store.

The SFV pod, like the Juicy Melon variety from the same company, had one technical issue when it came to physically connecting to the proprietary STIIIZY battery. It felt a bit loose, and the smallest tug would separate the pod from its housing. There were also times where I pulled it out from my pocket, and sure enough, only the battery would come out. Fixing that small technical issue would propel this vaping experience to a higher level.


Whether you're a cannabis connoisseur or new to the scene, Stiiizy is a brand you can trust to provide a premium experience every time. Founded in 2017 in LA, they quickly gained a reputation with the launch of their vapes that offer a burnless, leak-free experience. Today they cultivate, hand-select, and name all of their own strains in-house, and use state-of-the-art tech to turn them into everything you see in their can't miss catalog. They also have 30 retail locations throughout CA and MI–so if you find yourself in either state and you’re looking to alter yours, pick up some of their stellar products and you’ll quickly see why STIIIZYs rapid growth in popularity shows no signs of slowing down.