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Stiiizy SFV OG Premium THC Pod - 1g


Ranked 7 of 14 in Vape Pens for feeling .

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Ranked 7 of 14 in Vape Pens for feeling .

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SFV OG Premium THC Pod - 1g
Product Information

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89.84% THC, 1% CBD

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1g pod


Stiiizy's SFV OG and Juicy Melon Pods Offer Relaxing Relief

Stay mindful with these pods perfect for a socially-distanced stroll

IN REVIEW: While Stiiizy could fix a persistent battery issue, these vapes are incredibly relaxing. They thankfully rise above that tech glitch with a high that brings about a sense of calm curiosity. The OG Pod is the heavy hitter that puts you down, and Juicy Melon is there to pick you back up. This tandem will ensure that you won’t get much done, but sometimes that’s OK.

STIIIZY's SFV OG pod (89.84% THC) is a distillate that delivers a consistent, middle-range buzz. This vape oil acted as a sort of inner compass during a morning spent exploring various side streets in my neighborhood. I'd originally planned on remaining couch-bound and catching up on some TV, but once I started vaping this strain I realized I'd done enough lounging around and it was time to see what the outdoors had in store.

The SFV pod, like the Juicy Melon variety from the same company, had one technical issue when it came to physically connecting to the proprietary STIIIZY battery. It felt a bit loose, and the smallest tug would separate the pod from its housing. There were also times where I pulled it out from my pocket, and sure enough, only the battery would come out. Fixing that small technical issue would propel this vaping experience to a higher level.

Since walking outside has now turned into a stressful ordeal due to coronavirus, I found that fortifying myself with some good old-fashioned THC was a fine way to avoid the anxieties of social distancing. There is a fine line between wearing the proper amount of body protection and looking like a steampunk time traveler. I was happy to straddle that line with this STIIIZY pod.

I felt like I was on a slow-moving conveyor belt, ascending into a suburban kaleidoscope of strangeness and subtle beauty.

I headed up into the hills, vaping liberally and taking in the rustic homes on what was the first sunny day in about a week. Since everyone was feeling stir crazy, it was a congested affair of face-mask-wearing locals zigzagging to avoid one another’s jet streams. Being high in a time like this really brings home the absurdities of current daily life.

The SFV OG pod instilled in me a sense of quiet wonder, and I would catch myself relishing a particular home garden or birdhouse or picket fence — everything took on a new sheen.

During the entire walk, the SFV OG pod had me feeling like I was on a slow-moving conveyor belt, ascending into a suburban kaleidoscope of strangeness and subtle beauty, all in one. It was fertile ground for being mindful. I even removed my AirPods early on so that I could be more in tune with the world around me.

Returning home, I was still riding high from the current of euphoria that lingered. I decided to grab my jump rope so I could knock out a quick workout. During minute three I noticed the pool guy around my apartment complex loading his skimmer into his work truck. This told me that the communal jacuzzi may still be open. Not wanting to break any social distancing rules, I merely walked over to see if this was the case. It was indeed open and there was not a soul in sight. I wrapped up my workout and grabbed the STIIIZY Juicy Melon and a pair of swim trunks before I headed straight for relaxation city.

Inhaling some deep drags off the Juicy Melon as I was lowering myself into the hot tub created the kind of zap that shoots through your core like an electrified diamond. The combination of wind gusts, hot water and 1:1 CBD to THC was enough to make me wave the white flag of productivity and declare this my new home for the remainder of lockdown.

When I was back indoors, I retreated to the couch and fell asleep for what seemed like twenty years.

There was no one in sight, and I felt like I'd stumbled upon a hidden level of a video game. I was collecting gold coins with reckless abandon. When my skin started to resemble a newborn Shar-Pei puppy, I took one last hit and toweled myself down. The bold notes of melon and vanilla tasted like a Melon Ball drink. If you are into fruity flavors, this should not be skipped.

When I was back indoors, I retreated to the couch and fell asleep for what seemed like twenty years. In reality it was only 20 minutes, and while I no longer felt high, I was centered in such a way that stress and anxiety had a hard time finding their way back into my day.

Both of STIIIZY’s SFV OG and Juicy Melon pods are subtle vaping options that act as flavorful bookends to a day replete with curiosity and calm in a world that’s short on both.

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October 5th, 2022
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