Caliva's Flower, Ranked
Guide by Scott Hadinger
Aug 25, 2020 · 7 min read

Whether your thing is sativas, OGs or sours, you'll find something to love in Caliva's flower.

Caliva has crafted solid, approachable, reasonably priced flower in San Jose since 2015. They’re all about transparency every step of the way, and they’re so focused on their products providing positive vibes they have a shaman bless their plants every Wednesday. While some strains have targeted effects, many offer balanced highs, light euphoria and a sense of purpose perfect for almost any activity.

Their Reef Leaf Pre-Ground flower options are some of the best ready-to-roll products we’ve seen, and their buds will demand attention and keep you coming back again and again. So whether you’re looking for a pouch to prepare pre-rolls for a festival or camping trip or your next favorite strain for focus and relief, scroll down and discover Caliva's best that helps separate them from the rest. 

Quoted: "A smooth, relaxing high that’s good for barbecues with friends, socializing and just flat out chilling. The high reminds me of what I used to smoke back in the day."

Pros: This hybrid brings together two old-school strains offering a nostalgic, laid-back high. The approachable effects make it a solid option for newbies and seasoned stoners alike, so share it with friends in any social situation to find yourself reminiscing and laughing in no time, or fire it up solo to chill out on the couch and take some time for yourself.

Cons: You may experience some dry eyes, but it just goes along with the old-school high.

Quoted: "Well-balanced flavor to start off. Tastes just like it smells, an earthy, sour, diesel aroma. The high is mellow, focused and uplifting.”

Pros: This even-keeled hybrid hits you in all the right places to provide enough energy to wrap up your day, and enough euphoria to make you feel good while you’re doing it. Expect creamy, diesel flavors and approachable effects that offer a solid social option perfect for beach days and telling stories around a campfire.

Cons: Your eyes may be red, but they won’t necessarily be dry. So wear your blitzed badge with pride or reach for some eye drops.

Quoted: “Feeling noticeably lighter in head and body, probably one of the smoothest, most comfortable sativas I’ve had."

Pros: Black Jack offers every bit of the creative, energetic and euphoric boost you can expect from Jack Herer, but it also has a light body buzz offering relief from aches and pains. Use this to find focus during a midday slump, or pair it with your coffee in the morning to get your day started off on the right foot. It’s one of those strains worth keeping around—it simply makes everything a bit better.

Cons: None to note.

Quoted: “I don’t usually use indica types early, but I’m just relaxing and doing some computer work. The smell was a bit faint since the sample was ground up already, but it smoked very smooth and didn’t burn dry at all."

Pros: This isn’t the first brand serving up pre-ground flower to make your life easier, but it may be the best to date. While you’ll always be losing some quality, this seems to hold up pretty well and deliver straightforward and balanced effects. Expect to feel relaxed yet focused enough to get through your day with ease.

Cons: You’ll always lose some quality with pre-ground bud, but this is less than most.

Quoted: "Stumbled upon some really weird Christian shit, and I'm thinking I should pitch a show to Viceland called Most Christianist. Feeling very creative, but not necessarily intelligent."

Pros: This heavy-handed hybrid is best for indulging after a long day or during the weekend. It offers truly stoned and intoxicating effects solid for replacing booze or just getting high as hell when you need it most. Expect to be zoned-out, and embrace the creative euphoria that'll be ready to help you jump into a project or jump out of your head.

Cons: You’ll be stoned as fuck, for better or worse.

Quoted: "This is very potent medicine. Great for what ails you, moments of heavy anxiety, and stomach aches. It provided me with great comfort."

Pros: We might not know if Caliva set out to redefine what it is to be an OG, but this is another hybrid indica that proves they can ride the line to provide the best of both worlds. This flower offers a potent body buzz and an uplifting, comfortable head high. It’s just as great for a stomach ache as it is a creative block, making it more of an anti-venom for anything that ails you. Hit it a few times to get creative and grounded, or hit it hard to find yourself couch locked in a hurry.

Cons: None to note.

Quoted: "I like this flower! It's really great for the morning, I feel super capable, uplifted, clear, and bright."

Pros: Like the Reef Leaf above—at $20 for 5 grams, this is the real deal priced at a real steal. The approachable, true-to-form sativa effects are perfect for a cannabis consumer at any tolerance level. Use this to kickstart your morning and get shit done, and expect a high that’s heavier in your head and won’t leave you any worse for wear on the comedown. As with all pre-ground, this is great for those that just love joints or lack a complete setup.

Cons: Pre-ground will never stay fresh as long as whole flower, so roll, share, repeat.

3. Z-Cube

Quoted: "Boy, first time trying this strain. It’s honestly....up there. This is a good one, well grown. The smell is one of my favorites when it comes to cannabis. A potent, diesel, dank smell. Definitely one for a connoisseur."

Pros: Just like many of Caliva’s flower options, this offers balanced effects that ride the line between finding focus and feeling damn good. The smoking experience is top-notch, and the second you open the jar you'll be struck with a heavy and inviting diesel aroma. Expect a rush of creative energy coupled with soothing relief from aches, pains and anxiety to keep you humming through your day. Whether you plan to brainstorm, get outside or hang with your boo, this ones for you.

Cons: None to note.

Quoted: "I’m hanging out with my friend, just spitballing writing ideas. Even though the high has come down a bit, I still feel a significant body buzz and it’s really relaxing. Very conducive to creativity."

Pros: This potent indica provides reliable relief and a euphoric buzz perfect for unwinding after a long day or riding high clear through the weekend. Expect full-body relaxation, but enough energy and focus to function in social situations. Brainstorm your next creative project, or get lost in giggle fits with a friend, whatever you choose you’ll be uplifted and amiable.

Cons: The effects are potent, so new users should start slow.

1. Sky OG

Quoted: "Finishing up this week's work. Feeling stressed, but this weed is def chilling me out. Nice creative high, not sleepy."

Pros: This is a stress killer and all around chiller. Expect any tension to melt away as you’re left with a high you can take into whatever you please. Be it a creative endeavor, an amorous evening with your partner or binging a new show, you’ll find yourself happy, going with the flow and wondering the last time you tried such a solid strain.

Cons: No bad vibes here, expect to feel calm and clear. 

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