The Best California Edibles For Every Situation
Guide by Kate Ryan
Nov 06, 2019 · 6 min read

Last updated: November 2019

When edibles are great, they're great. When they're not, they're sending us into paranoid tailspins and fetal positions. To help eliminate the latter, our Proper Cannabis Committee (PCC) spent thousands of hours testing California's legal, lab-tested edibles. In the process, they've narrowed down hundreds of contenders to these top seven. 

If this is your first time consulting one of our Best Of guides, you might be wondering who the heck we are, why you should trust us, and how we came to these decisions. Glad you asked. Read up on the full explanation of our judging process here. The best of the best California edibles will be here when you’re ready.

Effect: Arousal
Product: Altai's Sea Salt Caramel Bon Bons

Sexy, potent, and a delight to consume, these bon bons are the full package. Their delicate shape and buttery mouthfeel belie the 10mg of THC each chocolate contains. As for stirring up arousal, the high unfolds with just enough body buzz and gauzy euphoria to create a cozy, sensual atmosphere without putting you to sleep. “Feeling, ahem, in the mood,” one rater wrote while testing these. “Took a bite of one caramel and feeling pretty sensuous.” The trick with these is knowing your dose and imbibing accordingly.

Effect: Relaxation
Product: Kiva's Sparkling Pear Camino Gummies

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: these gummies are true perfection. Sure, we appreciate the light, refreshing flavors of pear and prosecco and a texture to make your mouth water. But it’s the warm, friendly high that wins us over every time. As one rater put it, “The onset is plush, like I’m falling into a metaphysical pile of down pillows.” With a balance of 2mg THC and 6mg CBD per gummy, the high is light enough for cannabis newcomers but satisfying enough for connoisseurs. Let one take the edge off or triple your dose to feel the relaxation in your bones.

Effect: Focus
Product: Défoncé's Matcha Chocolate Bar

If gourmet chocolate, a touch of caffeine, and a gentle ramping up of gleeful attentiveness are what you’re after, this bar delivers all three. As PCC rater Lindsay MaHarry wrote in her review, “I’ve tried a number of products where THC is paired with coffee, but the matcha combo is far superior. Instead of the jitters and anxiety I’ve confronted with said canna-caffeinated selections, the matcha offered a sense of balance. ” With 5mg of THC per angular piece and 100mg per bar, it’s a bargain for low-tolerance consumers and a treat for more advanced ones. And unlike other focusing edibles, you won’t have to worry about an abrupt crash or lingering jitters should you pair this chocolate with your morning coffee or an afternoon project.

Next best thing: Breez's Royal Mints

Effect: Energy
Product: Kikoko's Buzz Honey Shot

Weaving cannabis into honey is genius on its own, but Kikoko takes this product to the next level by choosing a high-quality, energetic blend of cannabinoids that work well with any hot morning beverage. “Loving these honey sticks in the morning,” one rater noted. “I feel relaxed and uplifted without feeling any of the anxiety that can sprout up with sativas.” Compared to other energizing edibles, these honey sticks worked synergistically with raters’ caffeinated beverages of choice, amplifying wakefulness without turning up the jitters. And if waking and baking isn’t your style, these Buzz shots could just as easily revitalize a groggy afternoon. Newcomers should just take note each stick contains 9.5mg of THC, meaning it would be wise to cut the stick in half and start there to gauge an appropriate dose.

Effect: Euphoria
Product: Breez's Cinnamon CBD 1:1 Mints

At once lively and soothing, these sweet, somewhat spicy mints provide the perfect balance of energetic euphoria and head-to-toe comfort. As one rater can attest, “A wave of euphoria kicked in while I was watching the finale of RuPaul's Drag Race Season 9. I am absolutely loving this balance of cushy body high and jello head high.” With 5mg of both THC and CBD in one tiny mint, new users can appreciate the strong yet balanced buzz while those with higher tolerances can achieve their precise dose without risking a sugar rush. We recommend pairing these mints with a concert, movie, nature walk, date night, night out with friends—pretty much any activity you want to make that much more fun.

Effect: Relief
Product: Kiva's Citrus CBD Petra Mints

Kiva is at it again. If you’re looking to discreetly relieve both mental and physical discomfort without feeling intoxicated, these mints should do the trick. As one rater enthusiastically noted, “These tasty little treats worked great! Pain gone, super relaxed, and enjoyed my evening shows before going to bed peacefully. They’re small but really work.” With just 2.5mg of CBD per mint, they have the added benefit of making it easy to find your ideal dose. Where other pain-relieving edibles lacked in terms of taste, effectiveness, or ease of use, these mints exceeded expectations—much to the surprise of those were skeptical of the low dose.

Effect: Sleep

Editor’s Note: Everyone’s different, especially when it comes to getting a good night’s sleep. For this category, we chose two options—one that would satisfy the needs of those with higher tolerances and one non-intoxicating option to help the easily paranoid relax into sleep.

These bite-size cookies pack a hearty 10mg of THC each and a wallop of sleepiness. “I fell asleep soon after the high kicked in," one rater wrote while testing these. "It was great because I really needed to sleep and I was hoping that it would knock me out. Success!” If you’ve been consuming the herb for several years and need a little something extra to feel a mind-body wave of sleepiness, this is the edible for you. It doesn’t hurt either that these cookies have a Famous Amos flavor and pack a lot of sleep-inducing cannabis into one little bite.

Sure, the clue is in the name, but the proof is in rater comments. “Put me to sleep almost immediately,” one rater reported. Another said, “That thing knocked me out almost instantly. Pretty amazing, actually.” These chocolate caramels are infused with a healthy dose of 10mg CBD plus melatonin to usher users into a night of deep, restful sleep. The “high” is decidedly drowsy and relaxed, making it perfect for any cannabis newcomer anticipating a restless night.

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