Slay Secret Santa And Stay High Through The Holidaze
Feature by Scott Hadinger
Dec 10, 2020 · 10 min read

The Proper cannabis gift guide is here, so ring in the New Year with some weed-filled cheer.

Whether you want to keep your own spirit or the whole house high, this guide has everything you need to get by. And while we may not be packing our bags this season, we can still pack bowls and stuff stockings to ensure any time spent with friends and family is fun and festive. 

It doesn't matter if you’re looking for something low-dose or to erase 2020 from your memory, this guide has something for every time of day, and every last person on your list. So scroll down, stock up & stay merry.

These Stocking Stuffers Are Sure To Please And Make Shopping A Breeze


Just shy of the minimum on your holiday cannabis order? These edibles make great last minute gifts.

Sonder’s Space Crystals are an adults only version of Pop Rocks that’ll put a smile on any stoners face.

Throw a pack of Pop-Up Potcorn’s Movie Theater Popcorn into everyone's stocking to add a little Mary to your merry movie night. 

Kin Slips’ Single Sublinguals should be your go-to gift for anyone that likes to get high on the down low.


Pick up a few of these pre-rolls to show your buds you love ‘em without breaking the bank.

Weekender’s aptly named Drift Pre-Roll is a great gift for those who love lazing away a Saturday. Fire this up and forget about an agenda, it’s time to chill.

Claybourne’s recently released Flyers are quick-hitting two packs perfect for sharing with a friend.

Fun Uncle’s Super Session Infused Pre-Roll is one hell of a hash-infused way to pay homage to the fellow family stoner you can’t be with this year. Light it up on a zoom call and reminisce in a state of bliss.

Old Pal

Old Pal offers affordable cannabis without ever sacrificing quality, making any of their products solid stocking stuffers.

Their everyday eighths are always packed with leading strains and approachable cannabinoid ratios to ensure their flower is easily shared and enjoyed by everyone. Grab their Sativa to get going, their Hybrid for a balanced ride, and their Indica to hit the hay after a long day.

Each of the same Sativa, Hybrid and Indica formulas can also be found in 5g Ready To Roll pre-ground packs.

And for that one friend that’s always packing a vape, hook ‘em up with this relaxing Purple Punch currently sitting at a near-perfect score.


Everyone deserves a break from aches and pains, and these targeted and full-body topicals offer reliable relief when you need it most.

Be sure to grab your bougie friend one of Kush Queen’s Bath Bombs. We recommend their Relieve formula, which contains a combination of soothing cannabinoids and essential oils that renders anything from brands like Lush obsolete.

Mary’s Medicinals’ Transdermal Patches make terrific gifts thanks to their five targeted formulas. Their 1:1 CBD to THC Patch is a perfect place to start for balanced effects and the type of reliable relief you’ll quickly come to love.

Life’s harder days don’t care about the holidays, and Hello Again’s Holiday 2-pack of vaginal suppositories offers targeted relief day and night. So stock up to keep yourself soothed, and don’t forget to snag a pack for your sister’s stocking.

Seasonal Gifts For Seasoned Stoners


Looking for some mood-boosting beverages? Stock up and sip on these through the holidaze.

Cann’s Cranberry Sage is a new holiday classic we’ll surely be enjoying clear through the New Year, and their 4-pack is perfect for getting the whole family feeling a bit more rosy.

Whether you like to warm up with Hot Chocolate and Marshmallows, an Espresso or a Hot Chai, Coda Signature’s drinks on a spoon are sure to make you swoon. Swirl one into hot water or eat it all in one bite, there’s no wrong way to enjoy these indulgent inventions.

Add the merry effects of marijuana to any mocktail with Chil’s Bud Naked Mixer, or keep things simple and grab one of their Lemon Mixers for a naughty Hot Toddy.


Grab one of these incredible holiday edibles for someone special on your list.

Two of our favorite edibles brands launched their own Sugar Plum Gummies to make the holidays a bit sweeter. Plus’ Strain Specific Sugar Plum Gummies are a sativa-leaning cross between Berkley Blues and Hawaiian Haze Plum, with accents of blood orange and cinnamon and 5mg THC—while Kanha's Sugar Plum variant has 10mg of THC and indica-leaning terpenes ready to settle you down on the other side. 

Dr Norms’ Red Velvet Cookies are a new take on an American holiday classic, and each cookie has 10mg of THC and just the right amount of cocoa to make them devilishly decadent.

Breez’s 1:1 Cinnamon Mints provide the positive vibes, uplifting energy and cinnamon spice necessary to make everything nice, and having them by your side will help keep your holiday spirit alive.

Kanha’s Cran Pomegranate Gummies offer a classic combination of wintertime fruits that are sweet, tart and uplifting enough to melt even the most frozen of holiday hearts.

Coda Signature’s Cream and Crumble White Chocolate Bar is a concentrated celebration of cannabis and cheesecake. Expect the spiced crumble and lemony undertones to leave you in a better place.

La Familia’s abuelita inspired Hot Chocolate Cookies and Hot Chocolate Bar let you easily enjoy this holiday go-to on the go.


Plug in the Christmas tree, light some candles and fire up one of these joints to bask in the full glow of the holidaze.

Island’s Mistletoe Haze Minis come in a festive 5-pack that helps you get high while you give back. Stock up and share regularly.

Drew Martin’s thoughtful blending of low-dose cannabis flower into their Rose Petal and Peppermint Pre-Rolls has made them the perfect holiday high for any lightweights in your life.

Set a Neutron Genetics Rocket Infused Hybrid Pre-Roll aside for when your high-tolerance friends visit, and get ready to blast off with the help of a heavy and steady buzz.

Can't Miss Products for the Cannacurious

Kiva Confections

Kiva’s approachable products are perfect for users experimenting with cannabis at any tolerance level.

Their line of low-dose mints can help your parents relive their hippy heyday in a light way—and with five flavors ranging from Moroccan Mint to Citrus CBD and 40 pieces per tin, even those with the lowest tolerance shouldn’t fear digging in.

Camino Gummies make gift giving easy with unique cannabinoid combinations tailor-made for the people that are a bit trickier to shop for in your life. Give the taste of summer in December with their Watermelon Lemonade Gummies, and browse the rest in our Camino Gummies Roundup so you can find your favorites flavors, share and savor.

Kiva’s Terra Bites are time-honored treats turned microdosing masterpieces. It doesn’t matter if you like your chocolate to be sweet, salty or savory, their CBD Almond Bites, Dark Chocolate Espresso Beans, Sea Salt Caramel Bites or Milk Chocolate Blueberries have you covered.


Pills are a great option for anyone turned off by less traditional intake methods, and these options range from light to lights out.

Level’s CBD ProTabs are the perfect partner for almost anything. Whoever’s lucky enough to get these mood boosters can expect reliable relief and a state of balanced bliss.

Care By Design has cannabinoid ratios ranging from low dose to day ending, and we love their 4:1 CBD to THC Soft Gels for anyone looking for a relaxing, subtle and steady buzz.

For anyone rising in the ranks and ready to take things up a notch, we recommend you check out AbsolutExtracts’ 10, 25 or 50mg Soft Gels for potent pills and memorable thrills.

All-In-One Vaporizers

All-in-one vapes offer solid options for consumers at any tolerance level, and they’re a great choice for someone lacking a complete smoking setup.

Leune’s Pina Dream’s tropical notes are unreal, and the nice balance of 61.72% THC to 20.11% CBD will put a smile on your face—just like those fruity cocktails you get when checking into a resort.

Dosist pens have an automatic shutoff timer for each hit to ensure no one goes too far, and their targeted Sleep and Bliss formulas have you covered from day to night.

What’s better than an Old Pal? Meet your new sidekick, the Guava Vacation Vape, complete with a fruity aroma, happy high and smooth vapor that stays clean to the very last pull.

Alternatives to Alcohol

Get a healthy buzz without going overboard with these bud-filled beverages.

Artet’s Classic Aperitif has been a fan favorite for a few years now, and their new canned, ready-to-drink Rosemary Jane and Tet & Tonic cannabis cocktails are here just in time for the holidays.

Lagunitas’ 1:1 Hifi Hops is an alcohol-free, hop-forward beverage that mirrors an IPA. Expect a buzz that builds like beer, and if you're looking for something that hits a bit harder, try one of their Classics that pack in 10mg of THC per bottle.

Love a good mocktail but hate mixing it yourself? Pour a Fizz Ginger Root Natural Soda over ice for a Moscow Mule that’s as effortless as it is enjoyable.

Cannabis For Your Health Conscious Comrades


Pantry has coupled elegant everyday edibles with beautiful branding to offer products just as perfect for gifting as they are keeping on your own counter to microdose through the holidays.

Their real Fruit Jellies are melt-in-your-mouth masterpieces crafted by legendary chefs with local produce, and they pair perfectly with your morning tea to get your day started on the right foot.

Every ingredient in their CBD + THC Keto Bites is sustainably sourced, and each piece is delightfully doseable without being disrupting.

And their Bonbons incredible taste, texture and effects offer the type of respite you won’t even try to fight.


Potli specializes in cannabis-infused cooking ingredients, and these three options can help you take any meal to new heights.

It doesn’t matter if you’re making vegan mashed potatoes, a salad dressing or are just looking for something to dip your bread in, their Infused Olive Oil is a must have.

Have any avid tea drinkers in your life? What about someone with an insatiable sweet tooth? Their Going Up and Coming Down Raw Honeys will help you kill two birds with one stone. Or wait, don't kill anything, just get stoned.

And for your friends with tastes leaning more spicy than sweet, their Infused Sriracha is an equally inviting treat.

Papa & Barkley

Papa & Barkley focuses on wellness both inside and out, and this trifecta will have you and your loved ones covered from head to toe.

Their 30:1 CBD:THC Releaf Microdose Tincture will kick aches, pains and anxiety to the curb without any heavy intoxicating effects.

The 3:1 CBD:THC Releaf Balm offers all day relief from those pesky problem areas.

And grab a CBD Releaf Patch to ensure you don't skip a beat on the days you don't have time to regularly reapply a lotion or balm.

Atlas Edibles

Atlas Edibles offers a line of healthy highs that ranges from infused drink mixes to decadent dark chocolate indulgences.

The Lemon Blueberry & Almond Bar is a ganja-filled, gluten and dairy-free granola bar built for the trail, and the balanced effects will help you power through and find beauty in the little things.

Can't sleep? Try this low-THC, chamomile and mint Instant Tea. Let the combination of CBD and CBN whisk you away to a dream-filled wonderland.

Atlas Granola Clusters come in four formulas, with each one offering gourmet ingredients and targeted effects. Any cannabis lover in your life, health conscious or not, will find a friend in their dark chocolate and nut filled Nimbus Clusters.

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