Arousing Cannabis For Your Next California Sexcation
Guide by Kate Ryan
Jun 10, 2019 · 4 min read

Turn up the heat and then some with these relaxing, arousing products.

If you’ve ever set the mood with a glass of champagne, then you know it’s more likely to enhance what’s already there than create something from scratch. Cannabis is similar. The only difference is that champagne can help a fire along like tinder (the wood, not the app), whereas cannabis acts more like kerosene. In my experience, nothing ignites a spark quite like the right product. Finding the "right" product, however, can be a bit challenging if you're not sure where to start. 

Luckily, the Proper Cannabis Committee has smoked, vaped, and eaten their way through all kinds of arousing weed to find you the sexiest stuff out there. These products have balanced, body-centric highs that won't leave you with mood-killing jitters or more interest in your couch than your partner. That said, whether you choose to use them with a partner or for your own self-love purposes is up to you. Either way, you’re bound to have a good-ass time.

Get Your Lubes In Order

Weed lube is the greatest invention since, well, regular lube. Foria’s Pleasure Within is a mainstay in the cannabis community, containing three simple ingredients: cannabis, coconut oil, and love (yes, you read that right). It comes in a discreet and easy-to-use spray bottle so you can lube up without breaking the flow of the moment. Spritz a pump or three on desired areas (pun 100% intended) and expect to feel a pleasant body buzz within 20 minutes. Just be aware that coconut oil and latex condoms do not jive.

Apothecanna’s Sexy Time Personal Intimacy Oil is another excellent option. This weedy lubricant also contains friction-fighting coconut oil in addition to an arousing blend of essential oils. The combination of aromatherapy, heightened sensation, and lubrication makes this intimacy oil a triple threat. Similar to the Foria lube, don't pair this oil with latex condoms unless you're literally in a baby-making mood.

Fast-Acting Pens

If you happen to be in a non-smoking hotel room when the mood strikes, vapes are ready to answer the call. Dosist’s arouse vape pen is an obvious option for the simple fact that it provides a reliably arousing high with the added benefit of dose-controlled hits. It also happens to be the perfect all-in-one pen for cannabis skeptics and newcomers as the high is light enough not to overwhelm anyone but effective enough to prove its value.

For those with a little more experience under their belt, Island’s Mango Haze PAX Era Pod provides a vibrant, sensuous high known for making just about any situation more fun—particularly sexy ones. It’s the kind of high that’ll get you out of your head and in touch with your body. This pod is potent, so you’d be wise to start with a couple 3-second pulls and a 10-minute waiting period in between each round of pulls to gauge how it makes you feel. 

Chocolates, Because Of Course

Kiva’s Dark Chocolate Kiva Bar tastes as good as any non-medicated gourmet chocolate bar with the exception that it could actually leave you feeling aroused. It delivers what all of those sensual Dove commercials promise, and with 5mg of THC per clearly marked square, it’s easy to dose as well. One rater made “sweet love” to his wife in the middle of testing this bar, while another reported feeling “a growing warmth spreading all over my mind and body.” 

Altai's Sea Salt Caramel Bon Bons look and taste like an expensive box of chocolates—only they’re better because they’re infused with weed. As you’ll discover in my review, I can personally attest to the sexy times these bonbons inspire. Heck, I ate half of one and went on an adult toy shopping spree. On that note, low-dose users should be aware that each bonbon contains 10mg of THC, so start with half if you're like me and tend to worry about overdoing it.

The Best Kind Of Flowers

Forget roses. Flow Kana’s Double OG Chem flower has a smooth and refreshing smoke with a body-heavy high that’s as relaxing as it is liberating. While rating this flower, one rater reported feeling “suddenly horny.” Another said the body high felt like a warm blanket. These are both good signs this flower could get you in the mood and keep those vibes going all night (or until you pass out).

Lowell Herb Co.’s Euphoric Hybrid Pack contains seven earthy pre-rolls along with matches, because it really sucks to be digging around for a light when you’re trying to get it on. The high may start out strong, but rest assured it’ll melt into an arousing body buzz. You can also get off on the fact that Lowell uses all-natural grow practices and eco-friendly packaging. 

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