Creative Cannabis For Creative Californians
Guide by Kate Ryan
Dec 21, 2018 · 4 min read

Whether you're into flower, vapes, or edibles, we've got you and your muse covered.

If you’ve read our story about terpenes—AKA the organic compounds that make cannabis magical—then you already know that different levels of different terpenes can deliver wildly different highs. For example, pinene can help provide a sense of focus, while linalool lends itself to relaxed vibes. Now that the cannabis industry is inching away from the indica-sativa dichotomy, geneticists are turning to terpene profiles to craft strains with purposes beyond energy or sleep. As a result, nuanced cannabis can balance the uplifting and calming effects of these terpenes to elicit a dialed-in, creative high. 

That said, a focused high can have you focusing on all the wrong things if you’re not prepared. If you want to avoid watching cartoons with the rapt attention of a preschooler, get your projects in order before you light up. I can't tell you how many times I've imbibed with the intention of writing something only to end up scrolling Instagram because I didn't have the right document queued up. Lesson learned. 

We can't promise you'll remember to prep your work station in advance, but the Californian members of the Proper Cannabis Committee (PCC) can attest to the creative, focused qualities of the following products. 

Loudpack’s Blue Dream hybrid flower balances the best aspects of indicas and sativas, leaving you with a high that’s at once soothing and uplifting. As one rater explains, “This Blue Dream delivers a strong, clean high, which at its peak is equal parts euphoric and focused—perfect for that project you’ve been putting off.” To get the most out of this flower’s flavor, consume it via a clean bong or bubbler. A vaporizer made specifically for flower would also work well, and your lungs will thank you.

Island's Lemon Wreck PAX Era Pod comes through in those times you need to reset your mood before attempting to get anything done. As one rater wrote, “I was feeling frustrated when I first hit this PAX and am already feeling relaxed and ready to play guitar. Might even do some writing.” At 80.7% THC, this vape can be a heavy hitter if inhaled too enthusiastically. Enjoy one or two pulls initially and wait 15 minutes before consuming more. 

Jungle Boys' Gelato flower has impressed many a rater with its joyful, lighthearted effects. As one PCC member wrote during a rating session, “I’m working on a draft of an article and feeling like this is really guiding my creative process. Feeling less stressed and more relaxed even with a tight deadline.” Just be sure to get some snacks before you light up; this flower has been known to cause the munchies.

Fade Co.’s Slymer flower provides an effervescent sense of equilibrium. One PCC rater noted, “This definitely lifted my mood and enthusiasm for my work without giving me that weird, speedy intensity sativas sometimes have. I’m feeling relaxed but focused.” A bubbly body high also helps this flower double as a date night enhancer. Make of that what you will.

Caliva’s Black Jack flower can be a bit of a wild card, but if you’re good at harnessing an abundance of creative energy, this may just be the perfect strain for you. As Danielle Guercio explained in her review of Black Jack, “If you’re normally hyper, this particular sativa strain is an excellent choice, as fruity terpenes will have you feeling dialed in, stimulated, and inspired.” That said, avoid knocking back too many espressos before indulging as this flower can exacerbate caffeine jitters if you’re not careful.

Fruit Slabs' Mango Maui Wowie is an all-natural, strain-specific fruit leather. It provided raters with all the uplifting, focused vibes and none of the sugar crash aftermath. One rater wrote, “I’m really appreciating this soothing head high, which feels sativa-style and thought-provoking. Definitely more of a mild ‘get shit done’ feeling.” Pro tip: Start small. One of these fruit leathers contains 100mg of THC, which means light users would be best off cutting it into eight squares and starting with one piece before taking more.

Sublime's Super Silver Haze King Fuzzies provide a boost of energy that could translate into a sprint of creative activity or a bout of vigorous house cleaning depending on how tidy your space is. As one rater wrote during her rating session, "I'm working on a couple of short film scripts and this is helping with creative blockages. I think I may have found my go-to sativa pre-roll." Just be sure to have some snacks on hand as this sativa can come with a side of the munchies. 

Photos by Anthony Tripoli.

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