The Brands Behind Our Favorite Rare Strains
Guide by Kate Ryan
Sep 19, 2019 · 6 min read

This isn’t your average bargain-bin flower.

Blue Dream, Jack Herer, OG Kush. We’ve all known and loved these popular strains at one point or another. We’ve also had our fair share of disappointments. It’s not the fault of these wacky, lovable strain names but the inconsistency you get when there’s no governing body mandating all Blue Dream flower contain X, Y, and Z. Instead of chasing down the best versions of these well-known strains, we decided to go the opposite route and highlight the best of the exotic, complex, and far from common.

On this matter, the Proper Cannabis Committee has spoken. While the highs differ greatly between these rare strains, you can rest assured they’re all premium quality. The top-rated rare strains you see here are available throughout California, and if you’re in San Francisco, you can get a bunch of them delivered straight to your doorstep via our service, Parcel—or at least while supplies last.


Perfect for: sneakerheads, skaters, CEOs

What they’re all about: Beyond having the best orange we’ve ever seen, Sherbinskis is known for crafting “dessert-first” strains with unparalleled genetics. The founder, Mario Guzman, has deep roots in the Bay Area and puts friendship at the forefront of his business goals. You can read all about it in our profile of the man and legend.

Our top picks: I love Pink Panties for its heavy, almost sedating body high; post-workout nights on the couch pair perfectly with this strain. Sunset Sherbert is ideal for shows because it delivers just enough energy to keep you standing through several encores and just enough chill to help you forget about the crowds. Bacio Gelato will make you forget you ever liked alcohol (or other, illicit substances for that matter). This strain delivers a deliciously intoxicating high that’s almost cartoonishly upbeat—read all about in my review of the pre-rolls.

Shop Sherbinskis here.


Perfect for: green eaters, artisanal shoppers, oceanside yogis

What they’re all about: Paradiso prioritizes diversity and positivity in the highs they curate and the team behind them. Their genetics are exclusively sourced from Grandiflora Genetics. They want their flower to sweep you away from the mundane and inspire you to seek grandeur in your high. Everyone needs to take breaks and reconnect with their body and mind, and Paradiso flower can provide that perfect timeout. 

Our top pick: The Melonatta flower is a hybrid with a citrus zing to it. The buzz starts behind the ears and seeps into your mind like your brain is slowly sinking into a warm bath. The high can get you into the flow of any organizing that needs to be done. This blissfully functional buzz lands like a kiss on the forehead and takes charge from there. Just go with it and you'll be satisfied.

Shop Paradiso here.


Perfect for: all-knowing urbanites, culture trackers, walking cannabis encyclopedias

What they’re all about: The Cookies brand emphasizes the importance of local culture in the individual lifestyle. Their products go beyond the high in their sweetness. Flavor is a big part of the experience, and they assure that with their carefully curated genetics and quality standards. Consistently inspired by their home in Los Angeles, they aim to connect cannabis with all kinds of lifestyle brands. 

Our top picks: Cookies' Gelato flower is a fresh take on the well-loved classic. Each smooth hit delivers a creamy flavor worth the dessert slot in your evening. Light this up after dinner and let the blanket of bliss wash over you, relaxing your body as it unfolds. Some might choose to leave it there and let the couch claim you, but if you push it with a sweet mocktail and a facemask, you're in for a spa-worthy night of self-care.

Shop Cookies here.

Flow Kana

Perfect for: nouveau hippies, stoner moms, plant-based perfectionists

What they’re all about: Flow Kana sources their flower from a variety of small-batch, organic farmers that follow strict sustainability guidelines. As a result, their cannabis is as clean and healthy as they come. To get a sense of what goes into the process, check out the article we created in partnership with Flow Kana about female cannabis farmers.

Our top picks: Raters love Flow Kana’s high-CBD Infinity flower for its ultra-soothing body high and light, upbeat head high. As one rater can attest, “This weed is epic for literally any time of day or situation you could possibly find yourself in. It simply makes you feel good.” If you’re looking for a more energetic boost, I’d recommend their Green Lantern. It has a bright, citrusy aroma and a balanced buzz that pairs perfectly with a night out with friends.

Shop Flow Kana here.

A Golden State
Perfect for: lux-level stylists, storm-fighting surfers, prophetic trendsetters

What they’re all about: Known for selling the priciest eighth on the market, A Golden State's high-quality, premium cannabis is designed for the select crowd of luxury weed consumers. They focus on the recreational experience from the cultivation of their flower, which is exclusively watered with melted snow from the Cascade Mountains, to their relaxing head highs that form the ultimate bougie buzz.  

Our top pick: A Golden State's Palo Cedro flower delivers a fresh and peppery aroma right as you open the jar. The resulting high can be the perfect mood-booster for any occasion. It releases the tensions from a meeting-gone-foul or an aggressively terrible morning. Despite how your day starts, this high can recenter you and leave you living in the moment feeling awake and bright.

Shop A Golden State here.

Jungle Boys

Perfect for: tattoo artists, streetwear fiends, terp nerds

What they’re all about: Since 2006, Jungle Boys has been steadily building an online and IRL fanbase of artists, rappers, activists, and cannasseurs. They’re best known for crafting high-octane highs that’ll slap you around before becoming your best friend.

Our top picks: I’m a fan of Divorce Cake for the strain name alone, but it’s the Xanax-like high that made me an evangelist. Even the shittiest of days are no match for this ultra-rare cake strain. On the flipside, you have Mimosa #26, Divorce Cake’s bubbly younger sister. Just like the brunch mainstay, Mimosa #26 left raters feeling buzzed and excited about life. Their Gelato might not be as exotic, but if I could marry its aroma I would. 

Shop Jungle Boys here.

Northern Emeralds

Perfect for: crystal collectors, karmic believers, Virgos

What they’re all about: Grown and cultivated in Humboldt County, Northern Emeralds is known for their insane attention to detail. In order to craft not only unique strains but the best possible iterations of those strains, they inspect each nug by nose to ensure the curing and quality are up to snuff.

Our top picks: Titan OG packs a heavy, earthy high that’ll have you melting into your couch in no time. Or, if you’re like the rater who reviewed Titan OG, it’ll have you powering through the best workout of your life. Sapphire Kush is friendlier in that it won’t leave you for dead if you’re already tired, but it won’t motivate you to deep-clean your entire house either. It’s my top pick for a lackadaisical summer day.

Shop Northern Emeralds here.

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