The Best Cannabis Flower Brands
Guide by Scott Hadinger
May 27, 2020 · 5 min read

Flower, marijuana, cannabis or weed—no matter what you call it, these brands are bringing you the best buds of 2020.

Meet the best brands dominating the flower scene. We ranked these leading companies by score and shopability to provide you easy access to the sexiest strains and most beautiful buds at your local dispensary. Explore below to find flower that packs unequaled effects into unparalleled products. Every element of each item listed is top-notch, so follow the flower to make life sweeter, and check back regularly as we update our featured products throughout the year.

LitHouse is run by a biochemist and an architect who learned how to work a farm early on by growing up on an active apiary. Turning one buzz into another has provided the weed world with unique strain combinations like Dark Dosi, Lava Cake and 5 Alive, which have all been individually curated to reach their genetic potential and preserve every terpene. Their flower consistently ranks as some of the highest in our system, and the smooth hits and strong effects will only make for a higher you. 

Sherbinskis is a premium, proudly loud cannabis brand dedicated to the plant and its surrounding culture. Mario Guzman, AKA Mr. Sherbinski, is the founder and seasoned grower behind several of the best weed strains, each designed to provide you with reflective and contemplative highs. Check their catalog for flower that's made to be shared, and be sure to snag fan favorites like Bacio Gelato and Gello Gelato when you see them. They don't stick around long.

Wonderbrett is a well-known weed OG that may one day inspire the 23andMe of marijuana. Their focus is on hybridizing high-end cannabis genetics to create small batch, artisanal strains that provide a truly ephemeral experience with a lasting impression. We can't wait to see what they put out next, and if you find yourself getting anxious awaiting their next offering, be sure to check out their Strawberry Bliss, Lemon OZK or Pink Picasso

Pacific Stone offers some of the best sun-grown, indoor greenhouse flower while still keeping it affordable and accessible. They only sell what they grow, so you know it's coming from the same reliable California farm every time. Their hybrids are particularly balanced if you're looking for a place to start, and their low prices and variety of strains allow you to easily explore their whole catalog. Find a creative burst with Orange, chill out with their 805 Sour, or step into the cellar with the Private Reserve OG

As you may know, we at Proper are here to help you find your high—and Canndescent’s products streamline that mission for marijuana users at every level. Their weed is named after the associated effects rather than a specific strain, so whether you’re looking to Create, Cruise, Connect, Charge, or find Calm, they’ve got you covered with specific and purposeful highs. 

Humboldt Farms is a leading California cannabis brand, and they’re all about throwing it back and leaning into the past to create a better future, and the best weed. Be it their old as time, sustainable, outdoor farming practices—or their classic flower strains like Purple PunchLemon Meringue and Sour Diesel, Humboldt Farms knows you don't have to reinvent the wheel to keep on rolling. 

Flow Kana produces some of California’s best buds, and they believe that everyone should know where their marijuana comes from. This is why they only work with independent, multi-generational farmers that are listed on every classy little jar to create a sophisticated and informative user experience. Their adherence to small-batch, organic farming has led to some of our favorite strains, like Wedding Cake and Orange Creamsicle. It's also nice to see a brand extend their help beyond the high by ensuring that they’re always fulfilling their mission to support local communities. 

Caliva prioritizes genetic development, consumer trust, and quality control to get the best effects possible from your weed. Their team is dedicated to cannabis education and building around science to get you a consistent and enjoyable high every time. Try their Black Jack to find focus, tango with their trio of OG’s to find calm (Sky OG, Alien OG and Venom OG), or ride the line with Z-Cube

Source is a name as much as it is a belief, and it's inherent in their entire production process. They go the extra mile to ensure that everything they put out is crafted with the utmost integrity from seed to harvest, like the crowd pleaser Quest. Their do-unto-others approach brings you consistent, high-quality effects and refined flavors from complex and curated terpene profiles.

Pure Beauty’s branding is a unique mixture of marijuana and ultra-hip streetwear vibes, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise their packaging is killer as their cannabis. Though it’s important to remember that they’re more than just a pretty face. Founded by the same masterminds behind Marley Natural, they pride themselves on their indoor-grown, high-quality flower above anything else. We recommend grabbing an 1/8th of Terry T to find deep relaxation after a long day. 

Cookies is a top-tier brand that rarely misses the mark. Expect beautiful buds to unfold into an excellent experience. Founded by the original breeders of Girl Scout Cookies (yes, that incredibly well-known strain), they have now formed an empire capable of providing you with whatever high you’re searching for. GSC has been hybridized into countless new and amazing strains, so check back regularly, and for now take their Gelato or Wedding Cake for a spin.

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