The Best California Cannabis Flower For Every Situation
Guide by Kate Ryan
Dec 19, 2019 · 5 min read

Last updated: December 2019

If you’ve ever smoked an indica and ended up reorganizing your closet or passed out after lighting up a sativa, then you know the traditional indica-sativa dichotomy is a lie. Like, a big, juicy lie. In its place, we’re looking to know how any given flower will make us feel, whether it’s relaxed, energized, aroused, or straight-up stoned. Wacky strain names only get you so far in this regard since there’s a ton of variability brand to brand. Meanwhile, only a few brands are taking the lead by explaining what you can expect right on the label.

Luckily, the Proper Cannabis Committee is more than willing to smoke their way out of this dilemma. While the rest of the cannabis world catches up, we’re testing all the legal flower California has to offer to discover 1) what stuff is the best and 2) what it will actually do for you. Instead of cross-referencing strain names with not-so-scientific websites, pick the mood you’re going for and let the flower lead the way. 

If you're new to our Best Of guides, read up on how we formulated this list of the best of the best. The best cannabis flower in California will be here when you're ready. 

Effect: Relaxation 
Cannabis: Good Flower’s Lazy Lightning 

This flower is exactly what it sounds like: a lightning bolt of laid-back relaxation. With an earthy, nutty aroma and borderline chocolate flavor, this flower delivers a soothing experience from start to finish. That said, the high won’t fuse you to your couch unless you’re already on the precipice of sleep. As one rater put it, “This weed is unique in that it's productive and euphoric. Great for a lazy day in the sun.” When the high tapers off, it may just leave you a touch aroused as well, so plan accordingly.

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Effect: Focus
Cannabis: Korova’s Super Silver Haze

Fans of a solid morning wake and bake, this is the flower for you. Between the light, uplifting body high, laser-focused head high, and citrusy aroma, it’s a mood boost and motivator wrapped up in one puff. One rater noted, “It’s nice to find a flower that uplifts the spirit rather than clouding the mind with brain fog. Perfect for mornings.” Recommended pairings would include errand-heavy Saturdays, study sessions, morning meetings, or any situation you wish you had an Adderall. 

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Effect: Arousal
Cannabis: Pure Beauty’s Pacific OG 

Sure, weed can’t create romance out of thin air, but when the vibe is right, this flower can take it to the next level. The high is perfectly balanced between mind and body, leaving you at once uplifted and relaxed. It doesn’t hurt that the bright, citrusy smoke is ultra-smooth as well. As one rater noted, “It's a very uplifting high that has me feeling aroused. Great bud to smoke to set the mood.” Light a few candles, put on some Frank Ocean, and let this flower take it from there.

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Effect: Euphoria
Cannabis: Flow Kana's Infinity

This CBD-rich flower can best be described as a nugget of gold if gold nuggets made you feel bubbly and happy from head to toe. It smokes like a fresh breath of woodsy air and clears out whatever irritations or angst might be holding you back. According to one rater, “This weed is epic for literally any time of day or situation you could possibly find yourself in. It simply makes you feel good. Not super high, but how you want to feel." Point being, you could take this high to a dentist's appointment or a picnic in the park and be in good hands.

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Effect: Energy
Cannabis: Classix's Sour Diesel

This flower is silky smooth and citrusy in flavor and perfectly balanced once it kicks in. Brainstorming sessions and productive Sunday mornings are made effortless by this high. One rater says it best: "I'm feeling extremely chatty and like someone just gave me a cold brew with a shot of espresso. This weed is great for an energy boost." 

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Effect: Relief 
Cannabis: Northern Emeralds’ Sapphire Kush

This is the flower to reach for when long days and achey muscles threaten to harsh your mellow. It has a pleasant earthy smoke with a flowery aftertaste that’s relaxing enough on its own, but it’s the full-body buzz that keeps raters coming back for more. In one rater’s words, “This is very nice. I feel comfortable, calm, and warm. 10/10 would use this again.” Recovering from a workout has never been so fun.

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Effect: Sleep
Cannabis: Humboldt Farms' Mendo Breath

Pair this flower with a weighted blanket and you could probably sleep through a whole weekend. The ultra-heavy body high is not for everyone, but if a solid night’s sleep is what you’re after, this should do the trick. As one rater documented, “I just woke up from an inappropriately long nap. I can't believe I slept for 5 hours. However, I guess it is a testament to the strain's sleep-inducing abilities.”

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