The Proper 4/20 Buyer's Guide
Guide by Proper Staff
Apr 08, 2021 · 9 min read

This list is packed with everything you need to stay high through the holiday.

It's the most wonderful time of the year, and while there are many pieces of the puzzle that make up what we now know as 4/20, we wouldn't be celebrating without the Waldos. The group of five high school friends who, in the early 70s, met beneath a statue of Louis Pasteur at 4:20 every afternoon to get high. Their story of cannabis treasure maps, influencing Dead Heads and giving us this blessed day is something we highly recommend you toke up and take a deep dive into.

And while their sessions started as nothing more than a daily ritual that fueled their adventures in Northern California, their championing of counterculture and going their own way spurred a movement focused on the acceptance and celebration of the plant we all love. And it's one of the main reasons we still commemorate this day, to remember that while we've come pretty far, there's still a lot of work to be done. 

Now, with the holiday once again upon us, we wanted to make it easy for you to find your high. Whatever your plans are, loading up means you’ll be ready for whatever comes your way—and this list has everything you need to keep you and your friends lifted from the big day straight through to May. So scroll through and stock up on some of our currently available favorites in every category, complete with a note from the Proper Cannabis Committee (PCC) members that tested them.


Packwoods - Venom OG Packarillos - "Finished this ‘mini’ blunt. First off, it has an amazing and unique tip and smoked stupendously. Feels as good as it looks and tastes, and you really can’t ask for anything more out of a session. Don't miss this one."

Leune - Naked Pre-Roll "The euphoria from this high hits almost immediately. It’s pleasant, uplifting and simultaneously pretty zen. It’s a stellar choice for cooking and crafting something special, and probably any other creative-driven venture."

Stone Road - Cherry AK Infused Pre-Roll - “Every infused pre-roll from this pack offers mood-boosting sativa effects that'll help you find focus and stay in the moment."

Far Out - Grape Infused Pre-Roll - "I still feel creatively inspired and expressive. This high has a Miyazaki magic to it, encircling you with a golden glow. Heightened senses are definitely present, making the whole high a fun one for easing your way through an experience."

Pure Beauty - Hybrid Babies - I'm into these! They're bright, upbeat and good for In-N-Out with my girls. The nice and clear comedown doesn't hurt either"


Pacific Stone - 805 Glue Flower & Pre-Rolls - "It was about the time of the day I needed a pick me up, and this flower was a great choice! Feeling elevated and focused on what I need to get done. A beautiful floral experience, and I was intrigued immediately by the scent and its taste."

Sherbinskis - Bacio Gelato - "Take a big hit of this, the taste will come through, and it's quickly followed by the effects. 5-Stars. This Gelato is a full on sensory experience, and it’s enhancing everything in my world right now.”

Wonderbrett - OZK - "This is a really beautiful weed in every way. Not only is it aesthetically bright and striking, but the smell is notably pungent, floral and sharp. It has a really heavy body high that helped subside some anxiety."

LitHouse - Dark Dosi & Pre-Rolls - "This is a supremely relaxing flower that made me fall in love with weed again. It’s an anxiety free joy-fest that’s great for both day and night. I’ll be seeking it out again for sure."

Glass House Farms - Jellyfish CBD Flower & Pre-Roll Pack - "This was just the thing to help me wind down after a grueling workout. Totally melting into my couch right while trying to fight off my dog's advances, as he’s never not wanting to play. Just kicking back and closing my eyes."


Plus - Sour Watermelon Gummies - "I'm about to devour a sandwich and beer at the park during this heatwave, and I couldn’t be happier with the two gummies I popped twenty minutes ago. These are light and fresh tasting. I just feel happy and excited, and I’m not at all dreading the heat.”

Wyld - Marionberry - “A lovely, mellow high that perfectly complemented working in the garden. I listened to early ‘00s neo soul and felt all the warm, syrupy vibes. I stayed clear-headed throughout, and was even able to confidently navigate power tools.”

Kiva - Camino Sparkling Pear 1:3 THC:CBD Gummies - “I feel super chill, and my body is much more relaxed than it was an hour ago. I’m enjoying hanging out, and I'm free of any lagginess or fogginess.”

Punch Edibles - PUNCH BAR Milk Chocolate Bar - "I ate almost two squares for ~20mg of THC. They took awhile to fully kick in, but I’m now feeling a buzzy body tingle and complete muscle melt. My mind is clear, and my body is saying it’s sexy time!”

Sonder - Peachy Passion Space Crystals - "I’m playing Dungeons & Dragons over zoom. I’m also trying to limit my alcohol consumption, so it’s nice to feel relaxed and have a nice buzz without it. It’s also easing some of the social anxiety I feel in group settings (even when they’re virtual)."


Dosist - Bliss Dose Pen - "Three hits of this and I’m out of my funk and back into positivity. I don’t feel tired, just soothed and calm. This is great paired with some coffee in the morning. It’s unassuming and so subtle in flavor and scent that you can get away with hitting this almost anywhere."

Island - Blackberry OG PAX Pod - "I was happy to have this because I had a rough, physical start on a cold morning. It provides great body relief and a strong head high that's solid for getting to sleep, zoning out, and soothing body pains."

Heavy Hitters - Jack Herer PAX Pod and 510 Cart - "I just had an amazing run with the dog at Runyon Canyon. We were cheering each other on, and it was a super delightful experience. This is a clean and joy-inducing high with great vibes all around."

Leune - Piña Dream Disposable - "In back-to-back Zoom meetings, so I'm hitting this in my free 10 min break for a bit of a boost. This cartridge is so fucking tasty! I love the flavor, and it hits smoother than most carts I’ve tried."

Stiiizy - Strawnana Pod - "This definitely lives up to the hype. The terpenes are very smooth, there’s no nose burn and it tastes like a creamsicle. Creamy & sweet. I’m simply soothed AF right now."


Wonderbrett - Orange Sunset Badder - “The taste is still lingering in my mouth, and it makes me feel like I've fallen into an orange grove of love. This is sending me deeper within myself, like a spelunker looking for hidden caves. I’m simply stumbling across exciting insights and coming up with gems.”

710 Labs - Ghost Hulk #25 Persy Live Rosin - "Just got home after the gym, and I used this product right as I walked in because I am sore! It definitely helped me relax and get in the groove for the evening. I feel buzzed, but it’s not too heavy or putting me to sleep.”

Caldera - Hybrid Sauce - "This concentrate has to be one of the smoothest things I've smoked recently! Yummy mouthfeel with no coughing whatseoever. I feel loose and relaxed. This has been perfect for sinking into the couch and binging the new season of Letterkenny!"

Stone Road - Fruit Punch Sativa Sugar - "Doing some outdoor work after taking one of those breaks just now. This concentrate is what's happening. I’m feeling chill, uplifted and energetic, and I’m gonna eat a huge meal when I’m done!"

Chemistry - Cement Shoes Diamonds - "This indica-dominant concentrate has a lovely high. Its floral and earthy terpenes shine with a smooth smoking experience. The high and hits were both just sweet as can be."

Pills and Sublinguals

Level - Sativa ProTab - "Wow, I’m obsessed with these. I feel incredible with a full tab and a half bottle of wine in me. I literally haven't a single worry, and I’m not sleepy at all! I have nothing bad to say about these."

Papa & Barkley - 30:1 CBD:THC Releaf Tincture - "My period cramps were killing me this morning when I woke up, so I took half a dropper of this with my morning coffee and I feel so much better. No heavy head high, and zero grogginess."

Dosist - Calm Dose Dial - “I’m feeling calm, which for a travel day is rare. I’ll attribute it to this pill. No side effects, and it tasted pleasant, so I might try this again at an even higher dose."

Breez - CBD 1:1 Relief Tablets - "Effects have worn off. I'm left feeling drowsy and sleepy, but my energy and motivation are slightly higher now that the high has faded. Honestly, I’ll rate this pretty well because this is exactly something I would look for to help me with me sleep and anxiety at night."

Care By Design - 18:1 Full Spectrum CBD Drops - "It’s almost like this tincture has a second wind. I thought I was totally off it in hour two, and suddenly, it’s hour four. I’ve gone about socializing, making dinner, and knocking out chores, all the while seeing straight through to the other end. I'm light, lucid, and incredibly focused."

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