Year In Review: Best Cannabis Product Reviews For 2020
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Dec 13, 2019 · 8 min read

Brush up on our best reviews before heading into the new year.

Between stoned mall adventures, a Twilight-themed road trip, concentrate-fueled sewing miracles, and highs that felt like hot-air balloon rides, a lot went down in our cannabis product reviews this year. In case you missed out, we compiled the best of the best reviews written by Proper Cannabis Committee (PCC) raters over the past year so you know what to review for yourself in 2020. So, whether you’re into vapes, edibles, beverages, or something else altogether, we’ve got you covered with the most talked-about and well-reviewed weed products of the year.

The Best Vapes

In her review, “The Vape-Off Of The Century," rater Lindsay MaHarry wrote: 

“The objective of the Vape-Off is to determine the superior vape between two popular Heavy Hitters products: the Malibu OG all-in-one disposable vape and Pineapple Express vape cartridge. To do so, my associates and I ordered some Thai food, put on Elf, and sat down to compare the two based on the following categories: appearance, flavor, smokability, price, practicality, and environmental impact. These are the results.”

In his review, “Rose-Colored Glasses Have Nothing On This High," rater Luca Belloiu wrote: 

“It didn’t take long for this cartridge to coax the weird out of me. I began to take on the gait of a Gold Rush prospector ambling into town, raising my OLD PAL vape pen into the dry air and playing the part of the affable friend you haven’t met yet. Like an amalgam of old and new, I was tipping my brimmed hat to passers-by and taking puffs with every “How do you do?” At least in spirit anyway. There may have been a moment where I actually pantomimed such a gesture in the middle of my living room but was suddenly catapulted back to “reality” when my dog began to paw noisily at his bowl. As I fed him, I scratched the back of his head and realized that he too is my old pal.”

In his review, “A North Star For Chaotic Days In Or Outdoors," rater Luca Belloiu wrote: 

“Being that I was visiting family over the Thanksgiving holiday, this became the perfect vape pen thanks to its covert build. None were the wiser as I happily vaped away while the kids watched Frozen, Grandma tended to her pies, and the dogs fought each other in an ongoing battle of living room supremacy. Holidays can be a stressful time, but this live resin disposable kept me at an even keel. It was a veritable buoy of good vibes amidst a maelstrom of chaos.”

In her review, “A Gold Friend Indeed," rater Samantha Gurewitz wrote: 

“Judging by the name alone, LEUNE’s Desert Gold vape pen seemed like the perfect accessory for the evening. Disposable vapes are, in general, great companions for large events—discreet, simple, and not a huge loss if you lose it. Also, Desert Gold seemed the perfect color to wear to a Yellow Brick Road concert. The taste was light and fruity with a hearty kick, like some kind of old-fashioned Sloe Gin cocktail that’s classy and adult yet still tastes like an orange creamsicle. As someone who usually turns into a coughing mess from most vapes, I was delighted by the light easiness of the vapor and gentle flavor. It managed to be sweet without tasting like a harsh blend of chemicals.”

The Best Edibles

In her review, “Jumpstart Vacation Mode In Two Gummies Or Less," rater Norma Kwee wrote: 

“I’m not usually a big drinker, but in the scorching desert heat I paired Plus with a glass of rosé. If I do say so myself, it was the perfect pairing. A cool glass of rosé topped off the gummy and left my taste buds feeling delightfully bougie without being basic. The highs from the wine and the gummy proved to be supremely complimentary, buoying my mood while keeping my body relaxed and down to earth. In my experience, edibles and alcohol rarely go well together and tend to leave me feeling bogged down. But in this case, the relatively small amounts of both wine and weed (my tolerance is typically a couple glasses and 10mg of THC, respectively) left me feeling more than alright—I felt downright blissful. In my book, that’s called a win-win.”

The high bloomed slowly, creeping up my back and loosening the nervous cramps along my shoulders.

In her review, “A Gummy-Sized Life Raft," rater Brianna Wheeler wrote: 

Wyld's Pomegranate Gummies are made with equal parts 5mg THC and 5mg CBD and seem geared toward those who are new or sensitive to edibles. The flavors of this gummy are identical to your corner store candy faves—right down to the rubbery, artificial aftertaste. The high bloomed slowly, creeping up my back and loosening the nervous cramps along my shoulders. It even muffled the panicked voice of dissent rambling around in my head. My body felt just as rubbery as the aftertaste, and my arms and legs were springy, light, and immune to distress.”

In his review, “These Gummies Are The Perfect Combo For Adventures," rater Luca Belloiu wrote: 

“When I trekked back down to the trailhead, I was properly spent. I chose this time to eat two of Kiva’s Wild Berry Camino Gummies, also containing 5mg of THC each. These were even more delicious than the Camino Pineapple Habanero gummies and would give a THC-less candy of any stripe a run for its money on flavor alone. I was looking for a good recovery edible and these fit the bill. By the time I arrived home and showered up, I all but melted into my sofa. I laid there for quite a while, staring off into the whirring ceiling fan and taking stock of the day.”

The Best Pill

In her review, “One Little Tablet, One Profound Journey," rater Brianna Wheeler wrote: 

“An unexpected perk of LEVEL’s Sativa ProTab was how strongly it encouraged socialization. I’d done the bare minimum of research on Centralia, just enough to know it was calling to my poor, culturally unfettered soul. But once we’d arrived, we found the town to be a bucolic daydream, all velvety evergreen and celestial blue. The Victorian homes dotting the hillsides were candy-colored fantasies. Everything was vibrant, joyful, and cool. My social self bloomed and I happily chatted up strangers like I was a local... In a surreal moment of sativa euphoria, I felt like I’d been here all my life. Was this the ProTab or the call of my tempestuous heritage—or both?”

The Best Beverages

In his review, “A Perfect Afternoon With A Perfect Weed Drink," rater Luca Belloiu wrote: 

“While Cann’s cannabis-infused social tonic would be perfect for a friendly gathering, I’d say its greatest attribute is helping you enjoy your own company. The taste is simply peerless and its modest and classy packaging puts you into a creative and fun mindset from the start. What unfolded was a day that paid no heed to nagging burdens. A short-lived but worthwhile experience for all matters of play.”

This tea is sure to leave you feeling calm, motivated, and happy. The clue is in the name, people.

Kikoko: Positivi-Tea

In his review, “Positivi-Tea Is Positively Unrivaled," rater Tory Tunzi wrote: 

“What may have been most impressive was the mental clarity that came along with the high. The 10mg of THC and 5mg of CBD worked together to yield a light, airy, cerebral high that left me feeling excited and had my creative juices flowing. If you seek a high that promotes full-body relaxation while simultaneously stimulating enough energy for you to choreograph a music video, you’re going to love Kikoko’s Positivi-Tea. If you need a mood boost before your next brainstorming session, this tea is for you. Whether you're trying to get stuff done or zone out in front of an endless feed of memes, this tea is sure to leave you feeling calm, motivated, and happy. The clue is in the name, people.”

The Best Topicals

In her review, “Which Of These Empower Topicals Crushed Aches And Pains?," rater Brianna Wheeler wrote: 

“I’m proactive; I see a chiro when my budget allows, I do yoga daily, I sold the moped (eventually), and when the pain screams, I just blow weed smoke at it. No big deal. However, at the change of seasons, when descending temperatures set my hips and knees to hollering as if I might shatter in a brisk wind, I will slather myself up with anything in the pursuit of pain relief. And the leaves are falling and snow is on the horizon, so my review of Empower’s lineup of cannabis-infused topicals couldn’t have come at a better time.”

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