Year In Review: Best Cannabis Product Reviews For 2021
Feature by Proper Staff
Dec 17, 2020 · 12 min read

Brush up on our best reviews before heading into the new year.

It’s almost over. The year we all want to wipe from our memories will soon come to pass—and the same products that can help you forget this hellacious year are the ones we want to make sure you don’t forget. Be it the flower that helped us through quarantine or just some of the coolest new kits we’ve ever seen, we’ve rounded up the year's best reviews from the Proper Cannabis Committee (PCC) to help you start 2021 off the right way. No matter your preferred products or intake method, this list has just what you need. 

The Best Edibles + Beverages

In her review, “Unwind And Unplug, One Kernel At A Time," rater Kelly Graham wrote:

With the ding of my microwave, I pulled out a bag of perfectly popped kernels that instantly made me want to curl up with a good movie on the couch. But alas, responsibilities. As I poured the potcorn into a bowl, I couldn’t help but snag a few pieces right away, and wow: my mouth was met with salty, rich goodness, with just a hint of the sticky-icky.

In her review, “Farm To Edible," rater Lindsay MaHarry wrote:

Because of their partnerships with local farms, Rose Delights are released in seasonal batches. Once they sell out, they’re gone forever. For example, once the Albion Strawberry Buddha's Hand EVOO Delights finish their run, they’ll be switching to their next release, an upcoming collaboration with Chef Nicole Ruckers that will be a poppy apricot and lemon verbena blend. After that, Michelin star chef Dominique Crenn will be curating a release. All this in a word? CHIC!

In her review, “Crystalized Nostalgia," rater Samantha Mintz wrote:

I certainly have a sweet tooth, but the impossible-to-pronounce artificial ingredients found in most popular candy are simply not my jam. Lucky for me, they appear to not be Sonder’s jam either. The flavors that filled my mouth were not that of an overly-processed, mass-produced candy. They provided a pleasantly surprising, nuanced bouquet of fruity and sweet flavors, peaches and passionfruit in particular. Honestly, it’s the most fun I’ve had consuming an edible.

In her review, “Two Tasty Cups To Lift You Up," rater Lindsay MaHarry wrote:

With smooth chocolate, natural-tasting peanut butter, and a cannabis flavor that was present but not overwhelming, the first bite was so good I immediately checked the label. As I suspected, Oasis uses only the highest quality vegan ingredients, with nothing gross—ever. While reading the back of the package, I also learned that Oasis actually grows its own flower! This is extremely rare in the edibles industry and is held in high regard. Before I even felt high, I was sold on the integrity of this brand’s production.

In his review, “The Flavorless Mixer For THC Elixirs," rater Luca Belloiu wrote:

This is an exceptionally fast-acting mixer packet that gets right to the point. Before you know it, you’re hit with an initial wave of vibrancy, where colors and objects just seem to pop a little more. It almost gives you the sense that you’re waking up and a fog is lifting. The overriding sensation of this high was one of supreme focus. I never felt heavy-headed, anxious, or paranoid. To the contrary, I felt instantly involved with my surroundings, and careful to keep attention directed on any given task. This worked out nicely when it came time to accomplish a few household chores I’d been putting off.

In his review, “The High Desert," rater Luca Belloiu wrote:

It wasn’t all communing with the desert spirit, however. I wasn’t Jim Morrison on peyote. The high came across as a subtle expression of good vibes that made having fun an effortless task. Just a low key buzz riding shotgun in a speeding ATV with nary a worry in the world. The onset was quick and came on almost all at once. It’s nice to be struck with a soothing high while you speed across the valley floor and lose yourself in the arid desolation.

The Best Vapes

In her review, “Piña Daydreaming During Quarantine," rater Jessica Buck wrote:

First impressions with Piña Dream concluded with one of the most delicious tastes I’ve ever experienced from a vape pen. It was a ridiculously sweet and creamy citrus flavor that hit so smooth, I just couldn’t get enough. I was already in a good mood when I took a couple of hits, but I didn’t want to end the flavor town that was happening in my mouth, so I probably took one too many puffs and lifted off into a field of flowers in the sky, just enjoying the view.

Field Extracts: Zmooth Operator Sauce Pen Mini

In his review, “Meet Field Extracts' Aptly Named New Vape," rater Chris Pappas wrote:

There are some highs so inspiring you can’t help but feel like it’s challenging you to create something spectacular. Convenient and compact, this pen’s design brings a versatility that allows you to enjoy it at home or on the go. I work from home as a composer, and while weed is a valuable part of my workflow, I’ve learned that not all highs are created equal. From the incredibly smooth first pull, this pen instantly gave me a shot of strong creative energy. Armed with my morning coffee and this pen, I began tearing through my to-do list.

In his review, “Labor Daze," rater Luca Belloiu wrote:

Bloom Farm’s Girl Scout Cookies PAX Era Pod is a smooth hitting vape with subtle notes of minty sweetness. At 86% THC, it certainly packs a punch, but it stops short at catapulting you into some sort of unmanageable land of scaries. It acts as a leisurely escort, holding your hand throughout the day and reminding you to take pause and smell the hybrid flowers.

In her review, “Take A Few Puffs To Enter The Calm Realm," rater Kelly Graham wrote:

With a few more puffs, I sunk my head into my pillows as the effects started to work their magic. My couch held me in a deep bear hug as my muscles loosened and my mind started to drift off into la-la land. I lazily giggled at the antics on my TV, and gently stroked the fabric on my couch, noticing the intricate stitching at the seams for the first time.

The Best Sublinguals + Pills

In her review, “This Rich And Calming Tincture Fixes More Than Just Your Mood," rater Samantha Mintz wrote:

Chemistry’s Purple Moods Tincture was the right choice for managing my pain and letting my mind wander and unwind. It came to my rescue in my time of need and extended an invite to enjoy the nothingness of mindlessness. So whether you’re sore from your sorry attempts at getting swole, or just looking for a companion for a warm and cozy bubble bath, be sure to consider a drop of Purple Moods.

In his review, “Protabulations," rater Luca Belloiu wrote:

This Protab gets you high in the sense that it lifts so many mental barriers that you realize you’ve been high the whole time, and that what you’re really experiencing is awareness. That awareness should not be mistaken for alertness though. This is a deliberate and plodding high designed to unwind you and ultimately knock you out as if you’re on your way to visit the Batcave.

In her review, “Cloudy With A Chance Of Happiness," rater Lindsay MaHarry wrote:

Boredom became mindfulness. I ran around with my dog in the haze of a still somewhat cloudy day. The cold ocean lapped the shore, and surfers moved around the waves like flies buzzing in the distance. Time moved fast. I ate a grapefruit, washing the juice from my hands in the ocean. Then I stared at a banana for a while, overwhelmed by this foreign sense of total peace, a calm that flowed and existed both internally and all around me.

In his review, “Relief From the Throes of Quarantine Woes," rater Luca Belloiu wrote:

The real star of this show was the overwhelming feeling of gratitude it instilled in me. It got me out of my funk and helped put me in a balanced state of mind, which thankfully prevented me from descending into the trap of self-pity. In that respect, I can see this as having benefits for those battling the blues. No matter the mental gauntlet I put this tincture through, I found it passed with flying colors. For almost two hours, this high filled me with insights that kept me grounded and curious. As an ancillary benefit, I felt more limber and free from the body aches that usually plague my days. So much so that I decided to take a leisurely stroll into the local hills.

The Best Topicals

In her review, “Goodbye Sore Muscles, Hello Sweet Relief," rater Kelly Graham wrote:

I literally stopped in my tracks and said, “This feels fucking amazing.” I confidently made my way back to the bathroom and proceeded to cover nearly my entire body with Mary’s Medicinals Muscle Freeze. From my sore calves and thighs to my aching “bike-butt” (you know, the one you get from sitting on an impossibly teeny-tiny bike seat), I was soon cocooned in a blizzard-like blanket of relief. My muscles felt soothed as the pain of the previous day’s mistakes left my body.

In her review, “Melt Away the Pain with Papa & Barkley," rater Kelly Graham wrote:

When I finally boarded my flight, I made myself “comfortable” in a window seat towards the front of the plane. As predicted, the seats were as cramped as ever, with very little legroom to let my joints breathe. Despite the accommodations, my usually angry knee seemed to be limber, loose, and ready for the ride. I popped in my headphones and readied myself for the 7 hour trip, with a tight layover in the middle. About 3 hours into my first flight, I realized my knee hadn’t cried out in pain one single time, nor did I have to rearrange myself to find a comfortable position. In the past, I would’ve been rubbing my knee in agony and praying for the flight to be over.

The Best Flower

In his review, “The Wedding Party’s After Party," rater Luca Belloiu wrote

Being that I’m on Day 88 of this worldwide quarantine, my horizons are increasingly in need of broadening. What I really wanted was a relaxing high that would help me unwind after a long run and knocking out some work around the house. The Champagne Wedding flower did just that, but it also acted as a Trojan Horse to some powerful euphoria. It turned a humdrum evening into a suburban dreamscape—and I was all in.

In his review, “Dark Dosi Is In A League Of Its Own," rater Luca Belloiu wrote

Towards the evening, I smoked another bowl of this flower and found that what I’d been feeling earlier was no fluke. More full-bodied relaxation, more euphoria, and a unique sense of wonder that I found to be the defining characteristic of this bud. While it eventually put me to sleep, I found that its benefits reached far beyond being a mere sleep aid. To smoke this and just crash out would be a missed opportunity. This is a high you want to ride the whole way through. Great for hammock rides, nature walks, creative endeavors, or just lighting up those candles while putting on some Luther Vandross and doing like they do on the Discovery Channel.

The Best Pre-Rolls

In his review, “This Pre-Roll Lights The Fire Of Motivation," rater Luca Belloiu wrote:

White Fire Tower Pre-Roll from Source Cannabis is the sort of joint you can turn to when attempting to create your own Mona Lisa; something to smoke in your atelier while covered in paint and inspiration. At 19.3 percent THC, this pre-roll packs a heavier-than-advertised punch that unlocks a deep well of creativity. I experienced the overwhelming desire to get my ideas down on paper, and to see how far down the rabbit hole this flower would take me. It turned out to be pretty far.

In her review, “A New Way To Celebrate With Birthday Cake," rater Jessica Buck wrote:

Was it my birthday? No. But there’s always a reason to celebrate. Now, birthday cake flower unfortunately doesn’t actually taste or smell like birthday cake, but it was still delicious to consume. Let’s start with the aroma–like pine and cheese. Who would’ve thought they could create such a phenomenal mix! I caught myself taking deep inhale after deep inhale to get more of this in my system. After all, a full cannabis experience starts with the smell and look of the bud.

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